A window into past client work.

Ridván has taken on a variety of projects and has had the bounty of working with some remarkable clients. Below is a collection of descriptions of that work.


Textbook App

Rapidly build children's books with an opinionated layout in a beautiful and simple web app.

The Bahá’ís of Sumter County

A site that aimed to match the high ideals of the Sumter community with a correspondingly beautiful experience for their website visitors.

Brown and Kirk

Read the story behind Brownandkirk.com, a mobile detailing business in the CSRA area, and see how Ridván brought its owner Steve Brown's vision to life with a beautifully designed website. Learn about the creative process, key features, and results of this exciting project.

The Promise of World Peace

Discover how Ridván helped Verbus Counts bring their vision for the Promise of World Peace to life with a stunning website. Read on to learn about the design, features, and impact of this project.

Genesis Enforcement

A beautiful site for an Atlanta local security business.

Mobile Apps

Building My Bahá’í Pilgrimage Journal

Bahá’í Pilgrimage is a rich experience, and Hussein Ahdieh and Tatiana Jordan had a vision for a way to create a beautiful journal from your notes for sharing when you return.

Shipping Shedspread

Explore how Ridván helped Vahid George make a great idea come to life as mobile app called Shedspread.


Discussion forum for Global Conferences

The Regional Bahá’í Council of the Southeastern States created an online forum for discussion and the collection of resources related to the 2022 Global conferences.

Custom Automation

Data Cleanup for WLGBI

How hours and hours of time was saved at a regional radio station.

Desktop Apps

Producing Pairup

Speed dating event management software for a medium sized organization in Greenville, South Carolina. The software helped reduce the workload of what used to be manually comparing and matching interested individuals after events